Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday 18th November

Helloooo again!

It's always so good to be back in 2S - what a wonderful class they are.

Today was an emotional day for many as we said goodbye to Jessica and 'Spiderman' as they left school for the last time. We formed their Guard of Honour. It was very special. As a parent and a teacher it makes you realise how quickly these years will go, and it won't be long until we are there waving our little ones off.

In ICT we had free time - and I had to twist the kids hands to play games!!!

Afternoon Session was fabulous today. You all have a lovely Xmas tree craft bag sent home c/o the Smith family. Drew (and Mum Tara) were obviously very busy last night. I never realised you could make a Xmas tree out of a magazine. Ask your child how - it's amazing!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Mrs Watson.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Week 7

We have had a busy week.  We have started our good draft of the Persuasive Poster and they are looking fabulous. We have also been looking at adverbs, and completing many editing exercises.
We have started our new Measurement unit on Area.  The children drew a birds eye view of the classroom and have estimated how many MAB blocks would fit on varying shapes.
In SOSE we have looked at Culture and Tourist Attractions of India.  It is very interesting to look at the similarities and differences between our two countries.
As the year draws to an end, we are beginning to finish some books and you will see them coming home.  Take the time to look at them with your child and allow them to reflect on their learning.
Our Celebration Evening is fast approaching and as you may well of heard, we have finished it, now we are just fine tuning.  I have been so impressed with how quickly the children have learnt the dance- I am really delighted with it and hope you enjoy it too.
Congratulations to Elliot, Keeley and Mia for receiving the term 4 iLR awards.  I presented them today at the Prep Worship as we do not host a worship this term.  Congratulations to those children for their efforts to achieve their awards.
So looking ahead- dates of note:
Monday Nov 28- Yr 2/3 Celebration Evening
Wednesday Nov 30- Put up day meet your 2012 teacher TBC
Thursday Dec 1- Last day of term 4 and class party

Today Mrs Welham told the class that this week will be the last week for borrowing books so that stock take can begin in week 8.
Enjoy the rest of the week and I will blog next week :)

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Blog for Week 5

Dear Parents,
I will now be Blogging Weekly, as we become busier with end of year celebrations it becomes harder for me to squeeze in the time to write it.
Yesterday was amazing!  All the students keenly participated in the swimming carnival and did a great job of cheering and trying their best.  I was so proud of how they conducted themselves.
Today we were back to work, starting our rough copy of our final genre piece for our folio.  Some children struggled with making the link between the example I put on the white board and making a poster for the Yr 2-3 Celebration Evening, I also saw some AMAZING drafts, with persuasive words, bold writing and headings and pictures.  When we do the good copy, colour can come into play.
We began our unit on capacity and we did a lot of measuring of water- no formal units today, but look a the litre tomorrow. 
We also did a drawing of the Taj Mahal for Art- we all love art in 2S- wonder why?
Have a wonderful week and I will blog again next week.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Thurs/Friday 27 & 28 October

Sorry for not blogging yesterday- not enough hours to do it in the day!!
The past few days we have been looking at planning poster of for the folio piece.   I modelled how to go about this using bold headings, persuasive words, pictures and short phrases.  I modelled a poster on the Diwali Festival- this is an Indian Festival that started on Oct 26.  We looked at the images that we should use, researched the facts and created a joint poster on the IWB.
The children loved this activity and are excited about starting a rough copy of the poster on Tuesday.

A big reminder that Monday is the P-3 swimming carnival.  Yr 2 & 3 will have their carnival from 11-1pm.  All children will participate in an event at their level of swimming.  Your child may go home at 1pm. Just make sure that you sign out on the list stuck near the door.
Day for Daniel and the coffee van from Zarrafa's was a great success and we raised over $1000 for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.  We discussed the feelings that we may have if we feel unsafe and what we should do if you have them: talk to an adult you trust, don't go with anyone that you don't know or if your parents are unaware that you are going with them.  We completed a colouring sheet with these suggestions and it has gone home today.  Please talk about this with your children at home.
Have a wonderful weekend and see you at the Carnival if you can make it.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Well this post will be short and sweet, I am posting from my iPhone from the kids tennis lesson!
Anyhow today we had Spelling Mastery, a test on lesson 65. Some great improvements too! Then off to Library! The children are really enjoying chapter books at the moment. So lovely to see!
Then English groups.
After morning tea we had SQUIRT, then we continued sharing with counters after reading a problem that needed to be solved. The children drew the answer to support their understanding.
We then had worship hosted by year 3W.
After lunch we looked at transportation in India- wow it is crowded and dangerous!!!
Then some more moves were learnt for our celebration evening dance! It looks great! We even learnt how to waltz this afternoon!!! See you tomorrow :)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesday 25 October

Today we started our day with English groups and then completed a worksheet that is a practice 'NAPLAN' style sheet.  Yes you heard it, we are beginning to get the children ready for next years test.  These activities allowed the children to work with the teacher and feel confident about the set out of the test.
I have asked them to bring them home so they can show you.
For listening comprehension today we continued with the chapter book and I asked questions about it.
After morning tea we looked at the concept of Sharing (division) here are a few pics of us sharing counters. Wee then had some dance practice for celebration evening and then lunch.  After lunch the children went to a performance in the Sports Centre - it was very funny and the children really liked hearing 100 year old poems being recited. 
See you all tomorrow-

Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday 24 October

Today we were able to finally write a Journal.  It is lovely to see so many fun family experiences that take place on the weekend.  When writing a journal the children need to remember the following:
1. Title
2.Introduction- who, what, when, where and why the event took place
3. Events in order using time words eg. next, after that, then, when, finally, first, during
4. Summarising statement- child write whether they enjoyed the event or not and why.

I am also constantly reminding the children about their language conventions.  This is punctuation, grammar and how to use them appropriately.  There are many children that continue to find this genre a challenge and need constant reminding.  Some children write the most amazing journal's.  Well done for all your continued effort 2S!

We continued looking at the persuasive genre and today in particular we looked at leaflets and brochures and how they are used to convince the reader to do or buy something.  We looked a the following site to support the genre:

 We then reviewed our spelling words for the week- soft and hard g sound.
After that we looked at Comma's and how and when to use them in our writing.  In particular we looked at lists.

We continued with English groups and then it was morning tea.
and then Integrated Studies.  We looked at food in India.  Luckily we had a little taste of some Indian food thanks to Drew on Friday.  We discovered that Indian people use their fingers to eat with and only their right hand as the left hand is considered unclean!!! We also discussed that beef is not eaten for religious reasons!

After lunch we had Art and looked at the Indian Elephant and how they are considered very special in India and are dressed up in colours and beautiful cloths during festivals.  We used pen to do very similar decorations as the Henna hands on the Elephants.

Have a good evening.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday 21 October

It's Friday!  Hasn't this week flown!!!

After Spelling Mastery today, we had ICT.  Mr Beecher wanted to finish off what he had started with the children in term 3, so he took 2S for this lesson so he could compile his grades for this Semester.  I took 2B. 
After Morning tea we had our Spelling test- great results today- everyone did so well!! For maths we did a maths sample on Multiplication for the folio.   I am pleased to see that most students have a reasonable understanding of the concept of multiplication.  I began reading the children a chapter book. This is great for them to have reading modelled to them as well as listen comprehension skills.We got changed for HPE and then it was lunch time.
We then had afternoon session after lunch and enjoyed an array of wonderful presentations by Group B.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Thursday 20 October

Today we were very busy in the morning with a HUGE clean out of our tidy trays - that were not so tidy!!
After Spelling Mastery we had a fantastic lesson on a verbal debating!  I love this lesson!
The children viewed a Citron Commercial where the car turns into a Transformer.  We then discussed how the seller was trying to persuade them to buy this car or at least come and see one at the car yard.
We talked about other commercials that try to sell things to you like- The Good Guys, Mc Donald's etc.  We then broke into three groups in the front of the room.  Those that would go and see the car, those that would not go and see the car and those that were uncertain. Nineteen children said that they wanted to see the car to possibly purchase it, 4 were not certain, and the 5 would not go and see it.
This activity allows children to start to make decisions about their own opinions.  We even discussed the commercials that are trying to give you a message like the drink driving add.  And yes I did ask who knew the slogan- ' If you drink and drive you're a bloody idiot'- ( with much gasping), however, we discussed why you are very silly to drink and drive.  These adds are there to give us a strong message, therefore the language is strong and you remember it.
We then had English Groups.
After Morning Tea we played some online Multiplication games, another English groups and then we had Board games.
After lunch the children had Chinese and then we had Celebration Evening Practice.  I was so pleased how quickly the children picked up the moves!  I am looking for a children's Santa suit for Flynn- he is our Santa in the performance.  Even if you have a white beard??? Please let me know if you can help me on this one?  I have costumes for all the other children- luckily I have made some over the years and can recycle them!
The funniest thing to day was the children's realisation that they had to dance in girl-boy.  Much to the disgust of some, but they were fantastic, twirling and bopping together.
Swimming tomorrow, readers and homework due.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wednesday 19 October

A huge hello to you all.

It was SO great being back with 2S again today! We had lots of fun together and I've certainly missed my little helpers Mia, Monique, Liana and Keeley!

A busy day was had as we soared through loads of work. Here's how the day looked:

RAVE: The children learned about God's rules and we discussed values that are important to us.

Library: Mrs Wellham is reading "Enid Blyton's - The Wishing Chair" which the students are enjoying.

English: Persuasion is the text type at the moment, so we are focussing on what persuasion means. What are adverts saying and importantly, what aren't they saying? How are advertisers persuasive through text, colour, words, pictures etc.

Reading comprehension test: This indicates to teachers what level your child is operating at.

Maths: Multiplication. We use language such as "groups of" and "lots of" to demonstrate and develop this concept to students.

Worship: Hosted by 3S today was based on 'Trust' and how we need to be trusting in God.

SQUIRT: I'm new to 'SQUIRT', but I loved it! It's great to see the students reading and appreciating books in an independent learning situation such as this.

Integrated Studies: We continue to learn about India. Today we focussed on clothing such as the sari, lunghi, dhotti and turban. We also learned that the red dot on the lower forehead near the brow is called a bindi.

All in all a great day was had. Our poor door handle fell off today, but that should be fixed soon. So, if you come to the classroom and can't get in....knock loudly!!!

Thanks again and have a wonderful evening everyone.

Mrs Watson

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tuesday 18 October

I trust everyone had a lovely weekend- well the children  anyhow.
Today we did the following:
* English- we introduced the new Genre- Persuasive writing.
We discussed how persuade people one way or another. 
* English groups:
We looked at advertisements in the Blue group, the Red group completed a Editing skills worksheet, the Purple group brainstormed our sound for the week- soft c and hard c on the Crunchy Celery sheet and the Green group read 'The Broken Roof' and completed a follow worksheet to support the text.
*We then completed our assessment piece on Data.

After Morning tea:
* We began our unit on Multiplication and Division, we grouped counters and cards to make many different 'groups of' to explain this concept.
* Mrs Watson came in for one lesson of Maths as Mrs Fernandez was away and her class was at Music.
I then asked the children to do a Viewing Comprehension Test.  This is always interesting to note how children interpret images.  I must say I must have a lot of visual learners in 2S as they did quite well!!
After lunch the children had Music.
* Then the last assessment for the day- Editing.

You might be asking why all the assessment, well I am in the process of writing reports and I want the most recent data for writing them.  There will be a few more before I can safely say- I'm happy.
The reading records are continuing as it is a long process to get through everyone.
Worship tomorrow.  Mrs Watson will be taking the class tomorrow as I take a Towards Excellence group of students from Yrs 4-5 from the APS schools on the Gold Coast for Art.  So it will be lovely for Mrs Watson and the children to have a day together.  And for Mrs Watson to get paid!!!
Have a good evening.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday 14 October

After Spelling Mastery today, we went to ICT.  I am taking the class for ICT this term and we started to look at Comic Life and experimenting with inserting pictures into their comic.  We had a few hiccups, that hopefully will be fixed for next week when we insert our Super Dinosaurs into the Comic Life.
* After Morning Tea we did our spelling test. 
* Then we finished off our Unit on Data.  Some children brought home the 3 sheet booklet if they didn't quite finish it to do at home.
* We then had swimming- please ensure your child has a rash shirt, goggles, thongs, cap and towel each week.
* After lunch we did Afternoon Session.  Please check when your child is timetabled, in fairness for their group .
* We then had Music to finish the day.

Please note that the Readers were kindly changed this afternoon by a 'fill in mum' and she changed the whole class in 20 mins!!!!  However, she didn't quite get a chance to highlight the readers put in your child's folder.

Have a great long weekend.  We are meeting the new students for 2012 on Monday!
See you Tuesday!  Go the Wallabies!!!!!!


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thursday 13 October


*In English we looked at the Jolly Phonics Action for Adjectives.  ( bang to fists together)
* We played a game :

If you look a this site, it shows more games on other forms of language conventions too.

*In maths we continued gathering and interpreting data and making graphs.  Some children find this a challenge- literal questions.
* We then continued looking a the languages of India in Integrated Studies.  Did you know that there are 17 languages in India with more than 100 dialects!!!  Hindi is the main language.  Ask the children if they remember that namaste means- hello?
* We even had time to start our Celebration evening performance- its going to be a cracker!!
* After lunch was Chinese
* Then our favourite part of Thursday- Board Games.
* The room is currently sooooo noisy with laughter and screams of joy- its wonderful!  Some people are learning to take turns, cooperate, be the looser and a humble winner!!

Remember swimming tomorrow, hand in homework, spelling test and readers.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tues/ Wednesday 11th and 12th October

So sorry that yesterdays blog didn't come through- I must have pressed the wrong button!!!
Anyhow, we have
* Started our math unit on Data- the children are really enjoying gathering and interpreting data and then graphing it, today we graphed the birthdays of the children of 2S.
* We have continued English Groups- it is interesting to see those children who can remember how to plan a Narrative!
* We had RaVE and looked at the story from Genisis where Joseph was a slave in Egypt, and although he was treated badly, he treated others the way he wanted to be treated- a great life lesson!
* We went to worship and started our celebrations of Christmas and we looked at what Faith means.
*After lunch we had Squirt- the children really love this.  We were much better at sitting still and silent!!
* In Integrated Studies we looked at the Currency of India- the Rupee and Paisa.

A busy day but lots of fun!!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday 10 October

I am going to start writing the Blog in note form from now on so that it doesn't take too long to write every afternoon.  This way it is easier for you to read at a quick glance.
* Firstly we completed a Sample for the folio- Fraction.
* 8:50- 10:45 Principal's Assembly
*English Groups- Revising Narrative, reading/handwriting sample, Note taking Narrative from picture stimulus, Punctuation/Grammar worksheet.
* 11-11:40-Chinese
* Integrated Studies- India.  We looked at Bollywood dancing- Wow the children enjoyed this style of dancing and could show me different moves the dancers made.  We also wrote about the 4 parts of the Indian flag.
* 1:45-3:05  We did our good copy of Henna Hands- some beautiful designs emerged- Well done everyone!!
I handed out the Afternoon session roster today.  This starts this Friday.
A great day.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thursday 6 October

Today was a wet a miserable one outside, but not inside of the the 2S classroom!!!
In English we continued to look at Poetry.  The children found trying to describe a dog a relatively easy tasks, but when they were to put it into structured format, they really struggled.  None the less, they came up with some wonderful poems.  Mrs Baker began testing reading again and everyone will be done by the end of week 4.We also revised the Jolly Grammar action for Verbs and nouns- some children still forgot!!! Please ask them at home.
For maths we introduced the quarters.  In numbers eg 1/4 of 12 and in shapes.  Some children have grasped this others are continuing to understand.  We will only look at this for 1 week, so your help at home will be beneficial.
We did maths for the entire Middle session as I really wanted try and get the children to grasp quarters.
After lunch was Chinese and then Board Games.  The room was a buzz!! They loved it.  I played Cameron B's Boggle (an old favourite from when I was a kid), Buckeroo with Monique's group- such a cute game and I learnt how to play Kids Scrabble with Stephen's group.
A great afternoon and fun had by all.

Tomorrow is swimming- so remember togs, towel, cap, thongs/clogs and spare underwear ( it often goes missing!)
Readers are due in tomorrow.
Have a good night.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wednesday 5 October

We started our day with Spelling Mastery and then straight off to Library.  Please remind your children to bring their books back each week.  If they forget they may change them in a lunch time during the week.
During English we looked at the genre of Poetry.  We looked at how some poems have a lot of words and some have only a few words.  Some poems rhyme, but not all of them!  Words in poems can sound pleasant and some can tell us about things that are scary or exciting- a bit like a song.
We brainstormed 'dreams' and made a poem about happy dreams and scary or exciting dreams.
We had RaVE after morning tea and read the story or Joseph and his brightly coloured coat.  The children watched a clip from the famous Andrew Lloyd Webber musical- Any dream will do!
In maths we had musk sticks and I asked the children to break them in half.  Some were able to do this very precisely.  Some used a ruler to get their musk into two even pieces.  We then revised halves and whole and completed p. 30 and 31 in our QTM books that went over this concept.  There was a challenge set where they had to colour half the squares if there were 8 in total!
We did not have Worship today so I showed the children how to make a tiger face using a paper plate.  Some children finished and we have displayed them on the front windows, others will get a chance to finish during the rest of the week.
After lunch we had SQUIRT- (Seriously- Quite- Uninterrupted- Reading-Independent-Reading-Time).  Most children rose to the occasion to read for a full 40 mins, others struggled with this, needing to go to the toilet, getting a drink, talking.  Hopefully as the weeks go by, they will improve with this skill of focusing on a book uninterrupted and silently.
We then continued with our investigations of India.  Thanks to Shaye for bringing in the most beautiful book on India.
Tomorrow we will start board games, however we can't if we don;t have enough games!  Thanks to Cooper for bring one in, but we still need more!!
Have a lovely evening.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tuesday 4 October

Today we continued revising Verbs and remembering the action that we are to make when we say a verb.  We wrote 20 verbs in our English books then drew some verb pictures.  After that we watched the Verb song of Youtube that reminds us that Verbs are Action words

We started to do 'joins' in our handwriting text book, which caused much excitement!  We looked at diagonal joins today.
We also did 2 listening comprehension activities and then we read a lovely interactive story from the Roy the singing zebra website.  We are up to part 5!

We began our unit on fractions.  What is a fraction and how we use fractions in everyday life.  Here is the great site we viewed for this:
We also had children out the front of the room and looked at fractions depending on their attributes eg.  what fraction are girls, boys, blue eyes, brown eyes etc..
We then completed a worksheet to support this.  Perhaps you could do this at homeeg. put out 3 spoons and one fork - what fraction is there of spoons, knives.

The children had music after lunch and then Integrated studies last lesson.

I will be needing parent helpers this term for the following days and times

Monday: 10 am- English groups
Tuesday: 9:20am - English groups
Wed: 10am- English groups
Thurs: 10 am English groups

Please let me know if you can help out on any of these days.

PS Typo in the timetable- there is one Music lesson on Tues not 2, so I have put Listening comp at 10am
and at 12:20 Another English lesson.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Monday 3 October

Welcome back to Term 4!
Today we started with an Assembly in the UCA and we were reminded about continuing good behviour and always try your best. 
We then returned wrote our holiday journal.  We are trying really hard to remember to edit out words using CUPS- Capitals, underlined misspelled words, punctuation and sentence structure.
In English we revised verbs and nouns.  In an assessment piece that we did at then end of Term 3, the children really struggle with recognising verbs.  So we played a game where I showed pictures of  'verbs' and 'nouns' and then the children had to do the Jolly Phonics actions for verbs and nouns.  Ask then to show you the actions.
After morning tea, the children went to Chinese and HPE.
Then we started our unit on India in Integrated Studies. 
After lunch we started Art- Henna Hands- ask the children about this too!
A great day!

Friday, 30 September 2011

Helloooo Everybody!

A quick post to give you the timetable for term 4.  Please note when HPE and Library is. Friday is the day when swimmers are needed.  I would also like the children to bring in a board game to share with their friends.  We will be playing these every Thursday afternoon.  I trust that you have all had a restful and fun filled holiday.  Only 9 weeks to go and you can look forward to more!!  Jenny

8:30 – 8:40
Roll Call
Roll Call
Roll Call
Roll Call
Roll Call
8:40- 9:20
Spelling Mastery
Spelling Mastery
Spelling Mastery

10:00- 10:40


10:40- 11:00

Morning Tea

11:00- 11:40


Spelling Test

Maths games

12:20- 1:00
Integrated Studies
Viewing Comprehension
Integrated Studies
1st lunch duty

2nd lunch duty  Lunch
2nd lunch duty
Reflection Room
Afternoon Session
Integrated Studies
Integrated Studies
Board Games

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wednesday 14 September

Today was a little more relaxed for me after a successful Golden Art Show last night.  Thank you so very much for your generous donations.  I encourage everyone to bring a gold coin for the children to put in the donation box to 'buy' their children's art work by the end of the week.  The 3 dimensional artwork will go home by the end of the week for those who have donated and the paintings will go home in the first 2 weeks of Term 4.  The paintings look so lovely on the wall that I hate to take them down.

Yesterday and today we have been completing a phonics review of the sounds we looked at this term.  I asked the children to read the questions carefully and complete the 2 sheets that they needed to do.  I wanted to see if they could follow written instructions on their own.  I was quite pleased with the way they did this.
We made Fizzy Sherbet and wrote, as a class, the 'procedure' for this fun recipe.  I am assured that it tasted nice- but I wasn't so sure!! We looked up on Google why it had the sour, sweet and fizzy components in it.  We learnt that tarctic acid creates the element of sourness, the icing sugar and jelly crystals gave the sweetness and bicarbonate soda gave the fizziness.  We also learnt that bicarb is found in natural springs- this lead to a great discussion too!

Today we put the room back in order and Chevelle ( our yr 12 buddy) visited us.  The children really enjoy them visiting us.  Jessica ( our other yr 12 buddy) visited yesterday. We then did some wonderful experiments with smarties.  We looked at how the colour comes off the smarts when put into water.  We learnt what prediction and hypothesis means.  The children LOVED these experiments- yes we ate some smarties too!!

We also checked on our bouncy egg- and IT WORKED!  Of course they egged me on (sorry had to do it) to cut it open and the table, lino and carpet all wore an eggy shower- but it was sooo much fun!

Today we also started a Term 3 Math's test which I will complete with them on Friday.

Things to remember for  Prep-Yr 2 Athletics Carnival- tomorrow!

Wear house sports uniform.  Field events will take place first in the morning, followed by running races.  After these events please use the sign out sheet on the classroom door when taking your child home.

Friday is free dress day. 
This event is run by our SRC (Student Representative Council)  The SRC are trying to raise funds for the Animal Welfare League.  Free dress is a gold coin donation on the day.

See you tomorrow!
Jenny :) 

Monday, 12 September 2011

Monday 12 September

Today we started our day with Morning Maths Madness as usual.  We use this daily maths recall of facts and a variety of concepts to ensure that the children keep in touch with all sort of maths.  We learn math's in units, so we only look at one or two concepts at once.  Allowing your child to play maths games with a variety of math's strands is a great idea.  A fantastic program is Mathletics.  You have to purchase this program, but it is Australian and teaching the children the concepts that we would be doing at school.

We continued looking at the Procedure genre by looking at the experiment ' how to make a bouncy egg'.  We had to put a boiled egg into a container of vinegar for 2 days- we can't wait to see what happens.

We did a RaVE lesson today and watched the cartoon of  'The 3 little Pigs'.  We watched this to look at how firm foundations build positive strong things.  We discussed how we can ask God to help us live in his way and to be the kind of person who is loving, kind and helpful.

Remember the Golden Art Show is tomorrow.  The children have been helping me get things organised.  The children can bring in a gold coin to buy raffle tickets from the UCA after school.
See you all tomorrow!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday 9th September

Well what a fun and very wet day!!! We did our spelling test first thing this morning and then Spelling Mastery. We then completed our last rotation of English Groups. After morning tea we prepared for our CAC Amazing Chase. We talked about the rules and expectations and we met our buddies to put on our bandanas. The skies turned very bleak and the wind began to blow, but on the oval we went. The children worked in groups of 4- 2 Yr 2's & 2 Yr 5's. I counted to 20 between each group and they were off and running!!! Then I received a Severe Weather Warning' on my phone, that was immediate for the Gold Coast! Well within 5 mins it turned into a mini cyclone! The heavens opened and it POURED!!! We got everyone into the Rod Lane sports Centre- and gathered ourselves. I decided the best thing was to get them back to the classroom where I could get them warm and dry. We made our way back- ringed out our shirts and ate lunch- but boy they had fun! Thankyou to everyone who donated towards the installation of air-conditioning in the College. We really appreciate your contribution. I have marked the homework and added the last section If the list 3 sight word list for homework this week. One side is blank for you to test the children. We will test thus list at school on Friday. Four more sleeps until the Golden Art Show! Can't wait to see you there! Have a wonderful weekend. Jenny

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Thursday 8th September 2011

We started the day with Spelling Mastery and then Art.  We have  been watching and following the drawing techniques by Einstein from Faber Castell.  The children have loved drawing the variety of sea creatures that he shows then how to draw.
We then had English and watched a Science Experiment on How to make Monster Foam.  The children then had to answer some 7 questions about the experiment.  It is interesting to note how much information the children actually take in in this Listening and Viewing task.  The highest was 7/7 then 4/7 was the closest after that.  So as you can see majority of the class need alot of work in this area.  Try to ask them questions about things they have watched, scene or participated in.  We take for granted that they are always 'switched on' but alto of the time they will only get a few aspects of what is being said.  This is why teaching concepts needs to be repetitive for children to grasp them.  This is perhaps why they like watching a DVD over and over- to gain more information.
After morning tea the children had HPE where they played running games. Mrs McLauchlan said they worked really hard.  When they came back to class we had the road safety group of Year 6's.  They taught the children to follow the rules and be respectful when riding and yes some did go to 'jail' for a period of time for speeding or overtaking!
We came back in after lots of water and did another rotation of English Groups.
After lunch the children went to Chinese and then we corrected the Listening and Viewing sheet and discussed what to wear at the CAC Amazing Chase.

I have told them the following:
* Wear sporting attire and yes this can be their school sports uniform
*Wear runners
* Do not wear skirts
* I will provide the students with a silver bandanna for the race so we are all the same.
* The event goes from 12:15-1:30
* Our lunch is at 1:30 tomorrow and there is no play time due to the staggered start of the Chase.

I think that is all, but please come and ask me anything I may have left out.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Firstly, so sorry that I have posted later tonight- loooong story that you don't need to hear.  Anyhow TODAY we had English where we had a competition to see who could think of as many 'fl' words as they could in 20 mins.  Shaye was victorious with 32!  Everyone did really well and I was most impressed with how quickly everyone wrote down their ideas.
We continued our rotations for English groups and some of you were asking for the websites that we used for grammar.  They are listed here:

After morning tea we continued to revise number facts and how we can use the build to ten strategy.  We revised- double, near double, build to ten and rainbow fact number facts.
At Worship we watch a great presentation by 1M. The children always enjoy the songs and presentations that their younger peers present.
After lunch 2S had Science with Mrs. Fernandez.

Things to note:
Tomorrow Yr 6's have asked our class to bring in their scooters (no ripstix or y boards please).  This group of Yr 6's are conducting a road safety in their CAC State unit which promotes community service.
Wear plain clothes that promotes sport- eg a sporting team shirt, sweat bands, bandanna's, sport hat.  The children will be involved in the CAC Amazing Chase from about 1pm and will have lunch early to accommodate for this event.  We will buddy up with 5G to complete the Chase.
Golden Art Show 4-6pm.  Please come and 'purchase' your child artist work for a gold coin.  Entry and workshops are a 'gold coin'.There will be raffles for sale- in the office now, a student workshop and put a bid on the gorgeous Prep-Yr 2 canvas.  The silent bidding form is in the office now and will be out on display in the UCA from Friday.  The children are really excited by this event and it is simply beautiful to walk around all the primary classrooms to view ALL the students art work- hope to see you there!
Prep- Yr 2 combined canvas

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesday 6 September

Today has been very busy.  We had English this morning where we looked at grammatically correct sentences and how to recognise them.  We also looked at nouns and verbs and played a game on the IWB.  For English Groups we had our rotations of Reading and putting the story back into the correct order by cutting and pasting strips, brainstormed 'fl' words to support our spelling words this week, played an online game where the children had to recoginise where the capital letter and fullstops should go and in my group the blue group followed the procedure of 'Sour Secrets' a great science experiment.  We were also able to complete our journal today as yesterday was shortened due to assembly.
In math's today we used counters to support the 'make a ten' strategy then followed up by completing a worksheet to affirm understanding.  Some children still need some help with this concept.
The children also went to Music while I went and collected their clay dinosaurs from the secondary art studios where they have been fired.  The children were so excited to see their return- so look out for them in the Golden Art Show next Tuesday 4-6pm.
After lunch the children went to a Yr 6 'community services' activities, they had their faces painted, played games, ate cakes, coloured in and made monsters.  They really enjoyed these activities.

SRC also has the below message for everyone:

This term the SRC is sponsoring the Animal Welfare League, as they are desperately in need of help. The Animal Welfare League is a fantastic organisation that cares for abandoned and sick animals on the Gold Coast. 

During Weeks 8 and 9 (Monday August 29 – Friday September 9) we are asking you to bring in donations of:

ü Paper Towels

ü  Garbage Bags

ü  Plastic Gloves

ü  Cat Toys

On Friday September 16 Week 10, we will have a Free Dress Day!! To participate simply wear free dress and bring in a gold coin donation.  All money raised will be given to the Animal Welfare League.

Don't forget readers are changed tomorrow. Thanks

Monday, 5 September 2011

Monday 5 September

Two weeks to go and counting!!!
These next two weeks are filled with many events and I am not quite sure how it will all fit in and to continue the curriculum as usual.
Today we did the following:
  • Principal's Assembly from 9-10:15 am
  • English- we began our new Genre- Procedure and spoke about the structure and language used in this form of genre.  We also watch a procedure - How to suck an egg into a bottle:

  • We will be conducting many science experiments in the next 2 weeks to support this genre.
  • The children had HPE and Library.  Mrs Wellham went over the 5 fingers test when reading a book from the library- this is used to see if the book is at suitable level for the child.  Ask your child about it to see if they remember what it means!!
  • After library we got changed and did some catch up work and handwriting.
  • After lunch the children had Chinese and Math's.  In Math's we continued the 'build to ten' unit.  Some examples of these were: 7+5=7+3+2=12.  As you can see we encourage the children to make a ten first then add the leftovers.  This is just one strategy we use for number facts.
  • Dates to note this week:
  • Thursday night- Primary Music Ensemble
  • Saturday 4-8pm Netballers Presentation- IGC.
Have a great week!