Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesday 25 October

Today we started our day with English groups and then completed a worksheet that is a practice 'NAPLAN' style sheet.  Yes you heard it, we are beginning to get the children ready for next years test.  These activities allowed the children to work with the teacher and feel confident about the set out of the test.
I have asked them to bring them home so they can show you.
For listening comprehension today we continued with the chapter book and I asked questions about it.
After morning tea we looked at the concept of Sharing (division) here are a few pics of us sharing counters. Wee then had some dance practice for celebration evening and then lunch.  After lunch the children went to a performance in the Sports Centre - it was very funny and the children really liked hearing 100 year old poems being recited. 
See you all tomorrow-

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