Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tuesday 18 October

I trust everyone had a lovely weekend- well the children  anyhow.
Today we did the following:
* English- we introduced the new Genre- Persuasive writing.
We discussed how persuade people one way or another. 
* English groups:
We looked at advertisements in the Blue group, the Red group completed a Editing skills worksheet, the Purple group brainstormed our sound for the week- soft c and hard c on the Crunchy Celery sheet and the Green group read 'The Broken Roof' and completed a follow worksheet to support the text.
*We then completed our assessment piece on Data.

After Morning tea:
* We began our unit on Multiplication and Division, we grouped counters and cards to make many different 'groups of' to explain this concept.
* Mrs Watson came in for one lesson of Maths as Mrs Fernandez was away and her class was at Music.
I then asked the children to do a Viewing Comprehension Test.  This is always interesting to note how children interpret images.  I must say I must have a lot of visual learners in 2S as they did quite well!!
After lunch the children had Music.
* Then the last assessment for the day- Editing.

You might be asking why all the assessment, well I am in the process of writing reports and I want the most recent data for writing them.  There will be a few more before I can safely say- I'm happy.
The reading records are continuing as it is a long process to get through everyone.
Worship tomorrow.  Mrs Watson will be taking the class tomorrow as I take a Towards Excellence group of students from Yrs 4-5 from the APS schools on the Gold Coast for Art.  So it will be lovely for Mrs Watson and the children to have a day together.  And for Mrs Watson to get paid!!!
Have a good evening.

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