Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wednesday 14 September

Today was a little more relaxed for me after a successful Golden Art Show last night.  Thank you so very much for your generous donations.  I encourage everyone to bring a gold coin for the children to put in the donation box to 'buy' their children's art work by the end of the week.  The 3 dimensional artwork will go home by the end of the week for those who have donated and the paintings will go home in the first 2 weeks of Term 4.  The paintings look so lovely on the wall that I hate to take them down.

Yesterday and today we have been completing a phonics review of the sounds we looked at this term.  I asked the children to read the questions carefully and complete the 2 sheets that they needed to do.  I wanted to see if they could follow written instructions on their own.  I was quite pleased with the way they did this.
We made Fizzy Sherbet and wrote, as a class, the 'procedure' for this fun recipe.  I am assured that it tasted nice- but I wasn't so sure!! We looked up on Google why it had the sour, sweet and fizzy components in it.  We learnt that tarctic acid creates the element of sourness, the icing sugar and jelly crystals gave the sweetness and bicarbonate soda gave the fizziness.  We also learnt that bicarb is found in natural springs- this lead to a great discussion too!

Today we put the room back in order and Chevelle ( our yr 12 buddy) visited us.  The children really enjoy them visiting us.  Jessica ( our other yr 12 buddy) visited yesterday. We then did some wonderful experiments with smarties.  We looked at how the colour comes off the smarts when put into water.  We learnt what prediction and hypothesis means.  The children LOVED these experiments- yes we ate some smarties too!!

We also checked on our bouncy egg- and IT WORKED!  Of course they egged me on (sorry had to do it) to cut it open and the table, lino and carpet all wore an eggy shower- but it was sooo much fun!

Today we also started a Term 3 Math's test which I will complete with them on Friday.

Things to remember for  Prep-Yr 2 Athletics Carnival- tomorrow!

Wear house sports uniform.  Field events will take place first in the morning, followed by running races.  After these events please use the sign out sheet on the classroom door when taking your child home.

Friday is free dress day. 
This event is run by our SRC (Student Representative Council)  The SRC are trying to raise funds for the Animal Welfare League.  Free dress is a gold coin donation on the day.

See you tomorrow!
Jenny :) 

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