Thursday, 20 October 2011

Thursday 20 October

Today we were very busy in the morning with a HUGE clean out of our tidy trays - that were not so tidy!!
After Spelling Mastery we had a fantastic lesson on a verbal debating!  I love this lesson!
The children viewed a Citron Commercial where the car turns into a Transformer.  We then discussed how the seller was trying to persuade them to buy this car or at least come and see one at the car yard.
We talked about other commercials that try to sell things to you like- The Good Guys, Mc Donald's etc.  We then broke into three groups in the front of the room.  Those that would go and see the car, those that would not go and see the car and those that were uncertain. Nineteen children said that they wanted to see the car to possibly purchase it, 4 were not certain, and the 5 would not go and see it.
This activity allows children to start to make decisions about their own opinions.  We even discussed the commercials that are trying to give you a message like the drink driving add.  And yes I did ask who knew the slogan- ' If you drink and drive you're a bloody idiot'- ( with much gasping), however, we discussed why you are very silly to drink and drive.  These adds are there to give us a strong message, therefore the language is strong and you remember it.
We then had English Groups.
After Morning Tea we played some online Multiplication games, another English groups and then we had Board games.
After lunch the children had Chinese and then we had Celebration Evening Practice.  I was so pleased how quickly the children picked up the moves!  I am looking for a children's Santa suit for Flynn- he is our Santa in the performance.  Even if you have a white beard??? Please let me know if you can help me on this one?  I have costumes for all the other children- luckily I have made some over the years and can recycle them!
The funniest thing to day was the children's realisation that they had to dance in girl-boy.  Much to the disgust of some, but they were fantastic, twirling and bopping together.
Swimming tomorrow, readers and homework due.

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