Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesday 6 September

Today has been very busy.  We had English this morning where we looked at grammatically correct sentences and how to recognise them.  We also looked at nouns and verbs and played a game on the IWB.  For English Groups we had our rotations of Reading and putting the story back into the correct order by cutting and pasting strips, brainstormed 'fl' words to support our spelling words this week, played an online game where the children had to recoginise where the capital letter and fullstops should go and in my group the blue group followed the procedure of 'Sour Secrets' a great science experiment.  We were also able to complete our journal today as yesterday was shortened due to assembly.
In math's today we used counters to support the 'make a ten' strategy then followed up by completing a worksheet to affirm understanding.  Some children still need some help with this concept.
The children also went to Music while I went and collected their clay dinosaurs from the secondary art studios where they have been fired.  The children were so excited to see their return- so look out for them in the Golden Art Show next Tuesday 4-6pm.
After lunch the children went to a Yr 6 'community services' activities, they had their faces painted, played games, ate cakes, coloured in and made monsters.  They really enjoyed these activities.

SRC also has the below message for everyone:

This term the SRC is sponsoring the Animal Welfare League, as they are desperately in need of help. The Animal Welfare League is a fantastic organisation that cares for abandoned and sick animals on the Gold Coast. 

During Weeks 8 and 9 (Monday August 29 – Friday September 9) we are asking you to bring in donations of:

ü Paper Towels

ü  Garbage Bags

ü  Plastic Gloves

ü  Cat Toys

On Friday September 16 Week 10, we will have a Free Dress Day!! To participate simply wear free dress and bring in a gold coin donation.  All money raised will be given to the Animal Welfare League.

Don't forget readers are changed tomorrow. Thanks

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