Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday 10 October

I am going to start writing the Blog in note form from now on so that it doesn't take too long to write every afternoon.  This way it is easier for you to read at a quick glance.
* Firstly we completed a Sample for the folio- Fraction.
* 8:50- 10:45 Principal's Assembly
*English Groups- Revising Narrative, reading/handwriting sample, Note taking Narrative from picture stimulus, Punctuation/Grammar worksheet.
* 11-11:40-Chinese
* Integrated Studies- India.  We looked at Bollywood dancing- Wow the children enjoyed this style of dancing and could show me different moves the dancers made.  We also wrote about the 4 parts of the Indian flag.
* 1:45-3:05  We did our good copy of Henna Hands- some beautiful designs emerged- Well done everyone!!
I handed out the Afternoon session roster today.  This starts this Friday.
A great day.

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