Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday 9th September

Well what a fun and very wet day!!! We did our spelling test first thing this morning and then Spelling Mastery. We then completed our last rotation of English Groups. After morning tea we prepared for our CAC Amazing Chase. We talked about the rules and expectations and we met our buddies to put on our bandanas. The skies turned very bleak and the wind began to blow, but on the oval we went. The children worked in groups of 4- 2 Yr 2's & 2 Yr 5's. I counted to 20 between each group and they were off and running!!! Then I received a Severe Weather Warning' on my phone, that was immediate for the Gold Coast! Well within 5 mins it turned into a mini cyclone! The heavens opened and it POURED!!! We got everyone into the Rod Lane sports Centre- and gathered ourselves. I decided the best thing was to get them back to the classroom where I could get them warm and dry. We made our way back- ringed out our shirts and ate lunch- but boy they had fun! Thankyou to everyone who donated towards the installation of air-conditioning in the College. We really appreciate your contribution. I have marked the homework and added the last section If the list 3 sight word list for homework this week. One side is blank for you to test the children. We will test thus list at school on Friday. Four more sleeps until the Golden Art Show! Can't wait to see you there! Have a wonderful weekend. Jenny

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