Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wednesday 19 October

A huge hello to you all.

It was SO great being back with 2S again today! We had lots of fun together and I've certainly missed my little helpers Mia, Monique, Liana and Keeley!

A busy day was had as we soared through loads of work. Here's how the day looked:

RAVE: The children learned about God's rules and we discussed values that are important to us.

Library: Mrs Wellham is reading "Enid Blyton's - The Wishing Chair" which the students are enjoying.

English: Persuasion is the text type at the moment, so we are focussing on what persuasion means. What are adverts saying and importantly, what aren't they saying? How are advertisers persuasive through text, colour, words, pictures etc.

Reading comprehension test: This indicates to teachers what level your child is operating at.

Maths: Multiplication. We use language such as "groups of" and "lots of" to demonstrate and develop this concept to students.

Worship: Hosted by 3S today was based on 'Trust' and how we need to be trusting in God.

SQUIRT: I'm new to 'SQUIRT', but I loved it! It's great to see the students reading and appreciating books in an independent learning situation such as this.

Integrated Studies: We continue to learn about India. Today we focussed on clothing such as the sari, lunghi, dhotti and turban. We also learned that the red dot on the lower forehead near the brow is called a bindi.

All in all a great day was had. Our poor door handle fell off today, but that should be fixed soon. So, if you come to the classroom and can't get in....knock loudly!!!

Thanks again and have a wonderful evening everyone.

Mrs Watson

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