Monday, 5 September 2011

Monday 5 September

Two weeks to go and counting!!!
These next two weeks are filled with many events and I am not quite sure how it will all fit in and to continue the curriculum as usual.
Today we did the following:
  • Principal's Assembly from 9-10:15 am
  • English- we began our new Genre- Procedure and spoke about the structure and language used in this form of genre.  We also watch a procedure - How to suck an egg into a bottle:

  • We will be conducting many science experiments in the next 2 weeks to support this genre.
  • The children had HPE and Library.  Mrs Wellham went over the 5 fingers test when reading a book from the library- this is used to see if the book is at suitable level for the child.  Ask your child about it to see if they remember what it means!!
  • After library we got changed and did some catch up work and handwriting.
  • After lunch the children had Chinese and Math's.  In Math's we continued the 'build to ten' unit.  Some examples of these were: 7+5=7+3+2=12.  As you can see we encourage the children to make a ten first then add the leftovers.  This is just one strategy we use for number facts.
  • Dates to note this week:
  • Thursday night- Primary Music Ensemble
  • Saturday 4-8pm Netballers Presentation- IGC.
Have a great week!

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