Monday, 12 September 2011

Monday 12 September

Today we started our day with Morning Maths Madness as usual.  We use this daily maths recall of facts and a variety of concepts to ensure that the children keep in touch with all sort of maths.  We learn math's in units, so we only look at one or two concepts at once.  Allowing your child to play maths games with a variety of math's strands is a great idea.  A fantastic program is Mathletics.  You have to purchase this program, but it is Australian and teaching the children the concepts that we would be doing at school.

We continued looking at the Procedure genre by looking at the experiment ' how to make a bouncy egg'.  We had to put a boiled egg into a container of vinegar for 2 days- we can't wait to see what happens.

We did a RaVE lesson today and watched the cartoon of  'The 3 little Pigs'.  We watched this to look at how firm foundations build positive strong things.  We discussed how we can ask God to help us live in his way and to be the kind of person who is loving, kind and helpful.

Remember the Golden Art Show is tomorrow.  The children have been helping me get things organised.  The children can bring in a gold coin to buy raffle tickets from the UCA after school.
See you all tomorrow!

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