Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Blog for Week 5

Dear Parents,
I will now be Blogging Weekly, as we become busier with end of year celebrations it becomes harder for me to squeeze in the time to write it.
Yesterday was amazing!  All the students keenly participated in the swimming carnival and did a great job of cheering and trying their best.  I was so proud of how they conducted themselves.
Today we were back to work, starting our rough copy of our final genre piece for our folio.  Some children struggled with making the link between the example I put on the white board and making a poster for the Yr 2-3 Celebration Evening, I also saw some AMAZING drafts, with persuasive words, bold writing and headings and pictures.  When we do the good copy, colour can come into play.
We began our unit on capacity and we did a lot of measuring of water- no formal units today, but look a the litre tomorrow. 
We also did a drawing of the Taj Mahal for Art- we all love art in 2S- wonder why?
Have a wonderful week and I will blog again next week.

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