Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Firstly, so sorry that I have posted later tonight- loooong story that you don't need to hear.  Anyhow TODAY we had English where we had a competition to see who could think of as many 'fl' words as they could in 20 mins.  Shaye was victorious with 32!  Everyone did really well and I was most impressed with how quickly everyone wrote down their ideas.
We continued our rotations for English groups and some of you were asking for the websites that we used for grammar.  They are listed here:

After morning tea we continued to revise number facts and how we can use the build to ten strategy.  We revised- double, near double, build to ten and rainbow fact number facts.
At Worship we watch a great presentation by 1M. The children always enjoy the songs and presentations that their younger peers present.
After lunch 2S had Science with Mrs. Fernandez.

Things to note:
Tomorrow Yr 6's have asked our class to bring in their scooters (no ripstix or y boards please).  This group of Yr 6's are conducting a road safety in their CAC State unit which promotes community service.
Wear plain clothes that promotes sport- eg a sporting team shirt, sweat bands, bandanna's, sport hat.  The children will be involved in the CAC Amazing Chase from about 1pm and will have lunch early to accommodate for this event.  We will buddy up with 5G to complete the Chase.
Golden Art Show 4-6pm.  Please come and 'purchase' your child artist work for a gold coin.  Entry and workshops are a 'gold coin'.There will be raffles for sale- in the office now, a student workshop and put a bid on the gorgeous Prep-Yr 2 canvas.  The silent bidding form is in the office now and will be out on display in the UCA from Friday.  The children are really excited by this event and it is simply beautiful to walk around all the primary classrooms to view ALL the students art work- hope to see you there!
Prep- Yr 2 combined canvas

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