Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday 24 October

Today we were able to finally write a Journal.  It is lovely to see so many fun family experiences that take place on the weekend.  When writing a journal the children need to remember the following:
1. Title
2.Introduction- who, what, when, where and why the event took place
3. Events in order using time words eg. next, after that, then, when, finally, first, during
4. Summarising statement- child write whether they enjoyed the event or not and why.

I am also constantly reminding the children about their language conventions.  This is punctuation, grammar and how to use them appropriately.  There are many children that continue to find this genre a challenge and need constant reminding.  Some children write the most amazing journal's.  Well done for all your continued effort 2S!

We continued looking at the persuasive genre and today in particular we looked at leaflets and brochures and how they are used to convince the reader to do or buy something.  We looked a the following site to support the genre:

 We then reviewed our spelling words for the week- soft and hard g sound.
After that we looked at Comma's and how and when to use them in our writing.  In particular we looked at lists.

We continued with English groups and then it was morning tea.
and then Integrated Studies.  We looked at food in India.  Luckily we had a little taste of some Indian food thanks to Drew on Friday.  We discovered that Indian people use their fingers to eat with and only their right hand as the left hand is considered unclean!!! We also discussed that beef is not eaten for religious reasons!

After lunch we had Art and looked at the Indian Elephant and how they are considered very special in India and are dressed up in colours and beautiful cloths during festivals.  We used pen to do very similar decorations as the Henna hands on the Elephants.

Have a good evening.

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