Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tuesday 4 October

Today we continued revising Verbs and remembering the action that we are to make when we say a verb.  We wrote 20 verbs in our English books then drew some verb pictures.  After that we watched the Verb song of Youtube that reminds us that Verbs are Action words

We started to do 'joins' in our handwriting text book, which caused much excitement!  We looked at diagonal joins today.
We also did 2 listening comprehension activities and then we read a lovely interactive story from the Roy the singing zebra website.  We are up to part 5!

We began our unit on fractions.  What is a fraction and how we use fractions in everyday life.  Here is the great site we viewed for this:
We also had children out the front of the room and looked at fractions depending on their attributes eg.  what fraction are girls, boys, blue eyes, brown eyes etc..
We then completed a worksheet to support this.  Perhaps you could do this at homeeg. put out 3 spoons and one fork - what fraction is there of spoons, knives.

The children had music after lunch and then Integrated studies last lesson.

I will be needing parent helpers this term for the following days and times

Monday: 10 am- English groups
Tuesday: 9:20am - English groups
Wed: 10am- English groups
Thurs: 10 am English groups

Please let me know if you can help out on any of these days.

PS Typo in the timetable- there is one Music lesson on Tues not 2, so I have put Listening comp at 10am
and at 12:20 Another English lesson.

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