Thursday, 8 September 2011

Thursday 8th September 2011

We started the day with Spelling Mastery and then Art.  We have  been watching and following the drawing techniques by Einstein from Faber Castell.  The children have loved drawing the variety of sea creatures that he shows then how to draw.
We then had English and watched a Science Experiment on How to make Monster Foam.  The children then had to answer some 7 questions about the experiment.  It is interesting to note how much information the children actually take in in this Listening and Viewing task.  The highest was 7/7 then 4/7 was the closest after that.  So as you can see majority of the class need alot of work in this area.  Try to ask them questions about things they have watched, scene or participated in.  We take for granted that they are always 'switched on' but alto of the time they will only get a few aspects of what is being said.  This is why teaching concepts needs to be repetitive for children to grasp them.  This is perhaps why they like watching a DVD over and over- to gain more information.
After morning tea the children had HPE where they played running games. Mrs McLauchlan said they worked really hard.  When they came back to class we had the road safety group of Year 6's.  They taught the children to follow the rules and be respectful when riding and yes some did go to 'jail' for a period of time for speeding or overtaking!
We came back in after lots of water and did another rotation of English Groups.
After lunch the children went to Chinese and then we corrected the Listening and Viewing sheet and discussed what to wear at the CAC Amazing Chase.

I have told them the following:
* Wear sporting attire and yes this can be their school sports uniform
*Wear runners
* Do not wear skirts
* I will provide the students with a silver bandanna for the race so we are all the same.
* The event goes from 12:15-1:30
* Our lunch is at 1:30 tomorrow and there is no play time due to the staggered start of the Chase.

I think that is all, but please come and ask me anything I may have left out.

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