Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wednesday 5 October

We started our day with Spelling Mastery and then straight off to Library.  Please remind your children to bring their books back each week.  If they forget they may change them in a lunch time during the week.
During English we looked at the genre of Poetry.  We looked at how some poems have a lot of words and some have only a few words.  Some poems rhyme, but not all of them!  Words in poems can sound pleasant and some can tell us about things that are scary or exciting- a bit like a song.
We brainstormed 'dreams' and made a poem about happy dreams and scary or exciting dreams.
We had RaVE after morning tea and read the story or Joseph and his brightly coloured coat.  The children watched a clip from the famous Andrew Lloyd Webber musical- Any dream will do!
In maths we had musk sticks and I asked the children to break them in half.  Some were able to do this very precisely.  Some used a ruler to get their musk into two even pieces.  We then revised halves and whole and completed p. 30 and 31 in our QTM books that went over this concept.  There was a challenge set where they had to colour half the squares if there were 8 in total!
We did not have Worship today so I showed the children how to make a tiger face using a paper plate.  Some children finished and we have displayed them on the front windows, others will get a chance to finish during the rest of the week.
After lunch we had SQUIRT- (Seriously- Quite- Uninterrupted- Reading-Independent-Reading-Time).  Most children rose to the occasion to read for a full 40 mins, others struggled with this, needing to go to the toilet, getting a drink, talking.  Hopefully as the weeks go by, they will improve with this skill of focusing on a book uninterrupted and silently.
We then continued with our investigations of India.  Thanks to Shaye for bringing in the most beautiful book on India.
Tomorrow we will start board games, however we can't if we don;t have enough games!  Thanks to Cooper for bring one in, but we still need more!!
Have a lovely evening.

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