Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thursday 6 October

Today was a wet a miserable one outside, but not inside of the the 2S classroom!!!
In English we continued to look at Poetry.  The children found trying to describe a dog a relatively easy tasks, but when they were to put it into structured format, they really struggled.  None the less, they came up with some wonderful poems.  Mrs Baker began testing reading again and everyone will be done by the end of week 4.We also revised the Jolly Grammar action for Verbs and nouns- some children still forgot!!! Please ask them at home.
For maths we introduced the quarters.  In numbers eg 1/4 of 12 and in shapes.  Some children have grasped this others are continuing to understand.  We will only look at this for 1 week, so your help at home will be beneficial.
We did maths for the entire Middle session as I really wanted try and get the children to grasp quarters.
After lunch was Chinese and then Board Games.  The room was a buzz!! They loved it.  I played Cameron B's Boggle (an old favourite from when I was a kid), Buckeroo with Monique's group- such a cute game and I learnt how to play Kids Scrabble with Stephen's group.
A great afternoon and fun had by all.

Tomorrow is swimming- so remember togs, towel, cap, thongs/clogs and spare underwear ( it often goes missing!)
Readers are due in tomorrow.
Have a good night.

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