Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tues/ Wednesday 11th and 12th October

So sorry that yesterdays blog didn't come through- I must have pressed the wrong button!!!
Anyhow, we have
* Started our math unit on Data- the children are really enjoying gathering and interpreting data and then graphing it, today we graphed the birthdays of the children of 2S.
* We have continued English Groups- it is interesting to see those children who can remember how to plan a Narrative!
* We had RaVE and looked at the story from Genisis where Joseph was a slave in Egypt, and although he was treated badly, he treated others the way he wanted to be treated- a great life lesson!
* We went to worship and started our celebrations of Christmas and we looked at what Faith means.
*After lunch we had Squirt- the children really love this.  We were much better at sitting still and silent!!
* In Integrated Studies we looked at the Currency of India- the Rupee and Paisa.

A busy day but lots of fun!!

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