Thursday, 11 August 2011

Thursday 11th August

What we did today:

Thismorning we did Art. Half of the class who were away last week were able to catch up with their painting of Van Gogh "Sunflowers". Others were given drawings of 'The Bedroom' and 'Starry, starry night' from Van Gogh to colour in.

In English the children all tried their best to finish off their drafts. Most of them were able to do this. Well done!

In our Social Skills lesson we talked about giving and receiving compliments. We then had a conversation lesson where we took turns speaking and listening to each other. These basic skills are important for the students to understand and practice. They also give the children confidence in social situations.

Thisafternoon the children had Chinese before our RAVE lesson where we talked about Philip and the Ethiopian.

2S Superstar of the Day Award: Jesse

Jesse had worked tirelessly all day. He has caught up with all of his Art work and his English draft is completed also. Well done Jesse. You have worked beautifully all day and haven't been distracted once. Congratulations!

Enjoy your afternoon,

Katie Watson

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