Friday, 12 August 2011

Friday 12th August

What we did today:

Thismorning after Spelling Mastery we had Maths. The children were given opportunities to add dollars and cents using shopping dockets and items from our class shop on their calculators. They loved being able to use their calculators! It is important that they are given a range of opportunities to add dollars and cents using the decimal point. Any further opportunities you can provide at home would be beneficial to the students.

The students then had Music which they already enjoy.

The Afternoon Session was a success - all the children presented confidently and were proud to show off their goodies and facts.

In our Revision Session we revised money and the coins required to add up to various amounts. Eg "How many coins will I need to make 45c?"

2S Superstar of the Day Award: Natalia

Natalia was one of our maths champions who could add up the amounts on the docket correctly thismorning using her calculator. She has also worked hard all day, finishing off her English draft narrative. Whilst doing so, Natalia has displayed beautiful manners at all times. Congratulations!

Enjoy your weekend.

Katie Watson

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