Monday, 1 August 2011

Monday 1 August

What we did today:

Thismorning we had Principal's Assembly in the IGC. It was a very exciting assembly as we had the chance to watch the CAC Cheerleading squad perform as well as their very talented coaches. The more senior cheerleaders then showed off their talents on the air-mat - and weren't they spectacular. Mr K thought about doing some aerial twists, but chickened out!!! Well done Liana and Mia for your cheerleading performances. You were very impressive on stage.

In English today we look at picture stimuli for the independent writing stage of our narratives. The children are grasping these concepts quite well and are able to clearly recognise setting, time, feelings and characters for the three stages of writing (orientation, complication, resolution).

In maths we played Eye Spy with 3D shapes. The children held a shape behind their back and described this to the class. The rest of the class had to guess what shape it was. Shapes we talked about included pyramids, cubes, cuboids (rectangular prisms), triangular prisms, pyramids, cones, cylinders, hemispheres (1/2 a sphere), spheres and eggs. The language we are using includes faces, edges, corners, points. See how many 3D shapes your child can spot at home!

Next in Maths we looked at congruent (exactly the same) shapes. We played a group identification activity and again reiterated the mathematical language.

The children then had HPE, Library and Chinese.

There were 9 children away today. There are lots of colds and flu's going around the school at the moment. Please remind your child to wash their hands when they get home.

2S Superstar of the Day Award: Tara

Tara has worked diligently and confidently all day long, especially with the Maths activities. Well done Tara for always putting your hand up and never calling out, for using your manners and for always respecting our learning environment. Well deserved. Congratulations!

Enjoy your afternoon,

Katie Watson

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