Friday, 29 July 2011

Friday 29th July

What we did today:

Thismorning 2S had ICT, followed by the standardised maths test. Today in maths we were exploring 3D shapes. FYI - a square 3D shape is a cube, a rectangular 3D shape is a cuboid. A ball is a sphere. Some students struggled to understand that the length from the centre of the sphere is the same to all sides. I demonstrated with a ball and showed them a picture of a ball cut in half - however it is a difficult concept for them to visualise. Any help at home would benefit your child with the conceptual development of 3D shapes.

To help you understand 3D shapes, I will break it down for you:

  • 1D shapes are lines (curvy, or straight). Length is the only dimension.
  • 2D shapes are a basic shape on a piece of paper eg the length (one dimension) and width (another dimension) of a rectangle = 2 dimensions in total
  • 3D shapes - cubes, cuboids, spheres etc. The dimensions are length, width and depth (or height).

Websites you can visit include:

Afternoon session was a great success. All the children spoke confidently and the other children respectfully listened to their peers.

Thanks to Drew's Mum for bringing in all the dinosaur puzzles. The kids spent the last 20 minutes of the day trying to construct the skeletal puzzles. All of the students really enjoyed this activity, and it is great for the kinaesthetic and spatial learners.

I need:

If any of you have any spare supermarket receipts, could you kindly collect these as we start a unit on money in Maths in week 5. Thanks.

2S Superstar of the Day Award: Marc

Well done Marc! You have been conscientious and quiet all day long and have completed your work in a timely manner. Congratulations!

Have a great weekend!

Katie Watson

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