Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tuesday 26th July

What we did today:
We had another great day which started off with us focusing on the 'complication' phase of a narrative. If you are reading a story, try to highlight this section with your child. Perhaps ask them what another 'complication (or problem) could be that would fit into the story. The students worked in groups and then presented their own complications to a story that I read to them. Some students were particularly animated - especially Flynn! Great job.

The speeches went well. They are obviously well rehearsed - so well done Mums and Dads for the hard work that has obviously gone in.

In Maths we went to the small oval and made shapes in groups. This cements the concept of straight lines and angles.

We talked about Internet safety in our 'Social Skills' lesson thisafternoon. The children were told about the importance of both protecting their own identity and the fact that they should never communicate with anyone on the Internet with whom they are not familiar with (especially in sites such as Club Penguin where there is the ability to chat).

2S Superstar of the Day Award: Baylie
Baylie displayed beautiful manners and tried her hardest all day. Great work Baylie!

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