Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday 25th July

Welcome to the 2S Daily Blog!

It was great to be back with the children in 2S again today. What a great bunch of children they are! Thank you for once again supporting my teaching journey. I am very excited to be spending the next six weeks with the lovely children of 2S.

In order to keep you updated with what is happening in our classroom, I have created this daily blog. Having a daily blog allows parents and extended family members to make valuable connections with the children even when they reside away from the home.

Categories on this website include:

What we are learning:  Each week I will post details of the key concepts we are learning about in order for you to assist your child with their development and to keep you informed about what is happening on a weekly basis.

2S Superstar of the Day:   Awarded to one outstanding student each day

Don't forget: A reminder of important information that you must not forget.

Although the content of this site will remain very generic, privacy is an issue when using the Internet. Consequently, I will not be using the student’s surnames and nor will I be posting any photographs of your child on to the site. 

If you would prefer that your child is not mentioned on the site, please let me know immediately. I trust you will enjoy keeping updated with what is happening in our classroom.

Be sure to keep updated by our blog by becoming a 'follower'. 

Kind regards,

Katie Watson

Monday 25th July:

Today the children were involved in standardised testing for Literacy. This is simply a formal assessment process that the school undertakes to inform us of how each child is performing. Results from this testing provide us with valuable information which we can use to assess your child's strengths and weaknesses. The Numeracy testing will occur on Friday morning.

What we did today:
English: We are looking at the various aspects of a narrative. These include :
  1. An initial event
  2. A problem
  3. A resolution
We are using this terminology in the classroom, so any efforts you can make to highlight this structure to your child when reading books will be useful.

Maths: We are investigating line and shape. Today we looked at 2D shapes which include the circle, square, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, octagon & we briefly touched on rhombus, parallelogram & trapezoid as well. Features relating to these shapes are highlighted and discussed. Once again, any efforts you can make at home to reinforce this knowledge will be beneficial.

2S Superstar of the Day Award: Chanelle C.
Chanelle displayed beautiful manners and tried her hardest all day. Well done Chanelle.

Don't forget: 
  1. Disco money is due in at the Primary office - $5 each

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