Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tuesday 30th August

What we did today:

In English today we continued on with our descriptive writing and our draft 'Who Am I?'. The students are enjoying looking at nouns, verbs and adjectives to describe animals or objects.

In Maths we were rounding to ten to make addition simpler ie instead of 9 + 3, we rounded to 10 + 2.

Our Social Skills lesson was effective today. Each student discussed what they liked, didn't like and what they needed socially. It is important to have these lessons to encourage people to think about how they feel and how they can be happier.

2S Superstar of the Day: Jayden B.

Jayden has been a lovely friend to many peers in 2S in the playground. Thank you Jayden for being so caring, kind and thoughtful. Well done!

Enjoy your afternoon,

Katie Watson

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