Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thursday 4th August

What we did today:

In Art thismorning we continued with our Van Gogh paintings of 'Sunflowers' where we painted the sunflowers and bud. They are looking awesome!

HPE was cancelled thismorning so we rehearsed for Worship instead. Some of the students have been given some lines to learn - could you please practise these at home to boost your child's confidence next Wednesday.

In English today we continued with our draft narrative writing and we did some listening and comprehension exercises.

Thisafternoon the children had Chinese.

There were 12 students away again today. For those who are sick, it would be beneficial to them if you could look at the lines of symmetry site that I posted yesterday as well as discussing faces, edges and corners of shapes as they have missed these concepts this week.

These websites will help:

In English, please focus on adjectives (describing words) which will assist your child to write a more interesting narrative.

2S Superstar of the Day Award: Jasmine

Jasmine has been listening well and has completed her work to the best of her ability today. On the mat Jasmine actively engages with discussions and confidently answers questions indicating that she is actively involved with lessons. Well done Jasmine!

Enjoy your afternoon,

Katie Watson

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