Thursday, 18 August 2011

Thursday 18th August

What we did today:

Thismorning 2S had art. We modelled our very own dinosaurs using clay. These all turned out great. And what could we make with the left-over clay? Baby dinosaurs, eggs and nests! The dinosaur families were very cute indeed. These will be fired and sent home later in the year.

In English the majority of the students have finished their final copies of their narratives (phew!). It's a big effort for all the children as there is so much writing involved for them.

The students then had HPE, Chinese and RAVE. In RAVE thisafternoon we studied the story of Cornelius.

I have used every available opportunity to revise 'change' in our unit of Money with the students today. This particular concept is extremely difficult for the majority of students to understand. Help at home is needed for a lot of students. Work in 10s first as this is easier for them to grasp. Even if you put a few sticky labels on some products in the pantry eg: "This tissue box costs 30c. I gave the lady 50c, how much change will I get?" Although this may seem easy to you, it is quite challenging for them. Start with easier questions like this before you move past $1 and into 5c pieces. Unfortunately our Money unit ends today. I have squeezed a few more lessons in early next week, but the children will be sitting a test on Money next Thursday afternoon. Continual revision and consolidation of these concepts will assist them greatly. This is the most challenging part of our Money unit. Other concepts covered in the test involve ordering coins and notes, and counting collections of coins.

  • Don't forget that the Character Parade starts at 8:45am in the Sports Centre. I would get there early to get a good seat!
  • Fathers Day money is due in tomorrow

2S Superstar of the Day Award: Stephen

Stephen has worked SO hard today. He finished his narrative and has been been polite to all of his friends and teachers. He was on time to class and has tried his very best. Well done Stephen!

Enjoy your evening,


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