Monday, 8 August 2011

Monday 8th August

What we did today:

In Maths today we started to look at money. We did rubbings of coins and talked about similarities and differences between various coins and notes. Thisafternoon we did our Maths Concept Test for Shape and Line. Concepts your children need to be familiar with for this test include:

1. Line of symmetry
2. Names of shapes
3. Properties of 3D shapes

In English today we continued writing our draft narratives. We are trying to get the children to edit their spelling and punctuation before presenting their work to us. We are also trying to get the children to elaborate on their ideas rather than rushing a storyline.

2S had Chinese, Library and HPE today.

We had another 9 students away today.

HPE tomorrow instead of Thursday as Mrs McLauchlan is unavailable on Thursday.

2S Superstar of the Day Award: Shaye

Shaye continues to complete her work in a timely fashion and is highly respectful to the class rules at all times. Well done for working beautifully Shaye. Congratulations.

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