Friday, 26 August 2011

Friday 26th August

What we did today:

Some of the students did really well on their spelling tests today - particularly given that some of the words were quite tough. Well done.

2S had ICT thismorning which they always enjoy. In Maths today we continued to explore the calculator and we did some activities involving calculators. Could you please supply your child with a calculator if they do not already have one as it makes it difficult to share when everyone has work to do. Thanks.

2S then had Music and they look forward to this.

Afternoon session thisafternoon was held with 2K as they are missing out on a few Friday's with their Art, so I caught up on some work with some groups in 2K whilst the remainder of the class had the pleasure of listening to 2S.

2S Superstar of the Day Award: Drew & Shanelle

Drew has worked methodically all day long and has displayed beautiful manners. Shanelle has been kind to her friends and has been polite during lessons today. Well done to Drew and Shanelle.


Fathers are welcome in the classroom on Monday morning. If Dad's are coming, could they please bring a tie (we have an activity planned!!!).

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Katie Watson

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